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PENTENS DR. WALL is a rich combination of organic and inorganic chemical composition plus specific modification of quartz sand, cement and concrete. A special formula design for the construction surface layer (paint layer). PENTENS DR. WALL can be used in concrete or cement catalytic substrate. It effectively suppresses the efflorescence.


Operation Method

1. Remediate construction surface, remove debris from the structure completely. The debris includes the paint layer, paint, loose cement, weathered material, salt, oil, followed by key efflorescence, which needed to be cleared away. The application area need to be the size double of the efflorescence in order to get the best result.

2. Before the powder being apply, water-based primer need to be apply to increase the adhesion. (Recommend to double the area size of what needed to be cure to achieve the best results).

3. Take a certain percentage of the water into a clean empty bucket, slowly mix with the PENTENS DR.WALL, (recommended proportion 1 litre water: 3 litre powder), brush, wipe, push knives etc. can be used for the operation.

4. After dry it for more than 8 hours, 1-3 days observation needed to determine whether more operation needed. After that apply to soil painting.

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